Full Screen With Your HDMI Cable & ATI Catalyst Control Center

With the new ATI Catalyst Control Center 9.9, I noticed that some options are very hard to find. I actually spent about an hour figuring out how to change the scaling options for my monitor since the button was really well hidden.

In this quick guide I will show you how to set the over and under scan options for HDMI so that you can watch your HDMI in full screen.

Full Screen with HDMI cable

This blog came about because I was having trouble getting that 100% full screen with my HDMI cable connected to my 1080p monitor. When I connected my HDMI cable the screen was being centered on the monitor and not taking full advantage of the screen

The Fix: It is actually quite easy to fix this problem and get your full screen with the HDMI cable. All you need to do is adjust the over and underscan options within your ATI Catalyst center (also known as the Scaling Options).

ATI Catalyst Control Center 9.9 Overcan and Underscan Options – Image Tutorial

Surprisingly, the over and under scan (scaling options) are quite buried in the new ATI Catalyst Control Center. But if you know where to look the scaling options are really easy to get to…

To get to the ati scaling options do the following:

  1. Right click on the Desktop and open Catalyst Control Center 9.9
  2. Switch to Advanced mode if you are not there already
  3. Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right
  4. Select Desktops and Displays
  5. Right Click your currently activated display under ‘Please Select a Display’ on the bottom right
  6. Select Configure
  7. Click on the Scaling Options tab  and your there
  8. Now, just move the scale to the right (overscan) until you get full screen (in my case that was 0%)

Catalyst Control Center 9.9 Display Options

Ati Catalyst Cntrol Center Configure

Catalyst Control Center Scaling Options

This process should work in windows vista as well as windows 7. I am currently using my HDMI cable on windows 7 RC with 0% underscan and with an HD4890 FX graphics card…and it looks beautiful!

I hope this post helped!

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  1. tominick
    This was Posted on

    Thank You very much for this topic, it helped me a lot, I was f-ing with this issue all the afternoon with my new HD6850, it came to that situation that I had to reinstall the system (after driver uninstall) :/
    Hopefully I’ve found this topic, cause I was starting to think that something is wrong with my hardware.
    What a stupid idea to hide such an configuration under right mouse click on the bottom display thumbnail!!!

      1. Joe D
        This was Posted on

        Hi, I just hooked up my HDMI cable to my monitor and now have shrunken screen as well. I went through your directions, but I have Catalyst 10.8. the screen shots are a little different. Can you help get my full screen back.

        Thanks, Joe D.

        1. Jason
          This was Posted on

          On the newer versions of catalyst, this setting is under “My Digital Flat Panels” in the “Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel)” section. The over/underscan options only show up if you have the display set to 1080p, so set it to 1080p first, then go to the My Digital Flat Panels section and change the setting.

        1. Jordan
          This was Posted on

          Jason, how do you set your display as 1080p to get the options to not be grayed out? I’m trying to update to 11.12 but the slider bar is disabled.

    1. Grateful
      This was Posted on

      Thank you for this post. Thank God there are people like you out there that post such information….there is no way I would’ve found the solution without reading your post. Thanks again!!

    2. Ansgar
      This was Posted on

      Thanks for the help. My only problem is that everytime I play a game I have to rescale. The settings dont change at all but I have to go into catalys control center and that bumps it back to full screen

      1. Josh
        This was Posted on

        Hey. The Catalyst Control Center offers the ability to have different display profiles I believe. I would recommend using “UltraMon” for multi-monitor displays. I have a gaming (single monitor) profile which turns off my second monitor, a gaming dual monitor profile, and a default profile. It works out very nicely.

    3. Joe D
      This was Posted on

      Hi, I just hooked up my HDMI cable to my montor and now have shruken screen as well. I went through your directions, but I have Catalyst 10.8. tje screen shots are a little dirrent. Can you help get my full screen back.

      Thanks, Joe D.

  2. HJR
    This was Posted on

    I’ve been force using HD 6850 D-sub connection for a week because of this problem!!!
    Thank’s a lot for the tips.

    1. AJ
      This was Posted on

      No problem – it really annoyed me too for the longest time. Which is why I posted this.

  3. Dutchideals
    This was Posted on

    Thanks, this worked like a charm!

    Had my monitor connected to D-sub just to figure out why HDMI wasn’t going full screen!

    This is so much better!

  4. Ting Gao
    This was Posted on

    whoever design this interface is the dumbest perosn i ever seen, words can not justify their stupidity.

    1. AJ
      This was Posted on

      I couldn’t agree more Ting…That was the dumbest interface ever.But, have you seen the latest Catalyst Center? Good luck with that…updated post coming soon to explain how to do this on the new one.

  5. CR
    This was Posted on

    Problem is that other applications (Civilization V) seem to work around this setting and look poor.

  6. Greg
    This was Posted on

    Thank you so much for this! Only spent half-an-hour freaking out after letting Steam update my drivers and watching my display shrink before my eyes, until I found this post.

  7. Rob
    This was Posted on

    It worked like a charm! Thank you so much :) I had to connect it via dvi to get the whole sized 1080. Catalyst Center is a pain in the *** to figure out but it’s so cool with all the tweaks you can do. ATI FTW! For those interested, I just upgraded from my old 4670 to a 6850. Reviews said that the 6850 made loud fan noise and that is not true. Compared to my old 4670, I can barely hear it. My gaming rig had serious competition (noise wise) with the xbox lol! Not anymore :) Oh, and the graphics now is just stunning. The picture is so clear and sharp with so much detail. Currently playing Battlefield BC2. Dirt2, and Warhammer Choas Rising.

    1. AJ
      This was Posted on

      It’s always nice to upgrade your GPU and BC2 is sooo much FUN! Glad this little HDMI trick worked for you!

  8. kurly
    This was Posted on

    Thanks so much. I’ve had this monitor for about a year and haven’t been able to use all 23 inches yet…..until today. Thanks again

  9. moh
    This was Posted on

    Hey, Thanks for posting this man. It really helped. I got my monitor a couple of months back, and so far, I was not all of the screen-space. Thanks so much!


  10. B.M.S
    This was Posted on

    Thank you very much !! it helped me alot ! i newly got a full hd screen, and i was about to send it back becouse this problem ! so thank you !! 😀

  11. José L. Strapasson
    This was Posted on

    Thank you very much!
    You have saved my life. I had this problem with an Acer Aspire 5551-1 (Ati Radeon HD 4250).
    Thank you!

  12. WW
    This was Posted on

    Incredible post… fixed my issue instantly – big time kudos … keep this up for others!

  13. Sarp Serter
    This was Posted on

    I am also having the same problem. When i change the scaling options everything works perfectly and i can take full advantage of the game. But ! Whenever i open a game or something that changes my resolution inside the game it snaps back to its former scaling size with black empty space around the screen. And even when i close the application/game etc. and return to desktop its still with black space around the screen. When i go back to scaling options at cataclysm control center i see that also the slider snaped back to its place.. No matter how many times i fix it whenever i launch an application that changes my resolution it snaps back to annoying empty space around screen size. Please Help me ! I’m going nuts ! And everything was workign perfectly fine before i format the computer. I did downloaded the latest version of the Ati Graphics driver.

    I have an LG Full HD 1080p Screen 32″ and Ati HD2000 graphics Card.

    1. AJ
      This was Posted on

      Honestly, this is an old issue. If you upgrade your graphics card and use the latest version of the Catalyst Center it should be fine. Maybe its time to get an HD5970 :)

  14. Taran
    This was Posted on

    Thanks a ton!! I was really annoyed with the HDMI cable the first time i put it..now its fab! 😀

  15. Rich B
    This was Posted on

    Excellent post, nice instructions, sorted my inability to navigate the (poorly designed and NOT intuitive) Catalyst GUI!!

    Cheers :)

  16. Jay I
    This was Posted on

    You sir are a legend!!! Cannot explain to you the pain I’ve been going though,.,. for about 4 hours I’ve been playing around, updating drivers and trying to figure out how to search for my problem until I found this… absolute legend

  17. Chris
    This was Posted on

    Thanks! I’ve got several computers in the house with ATI video… been a huge fan all the way back to the ISA days… but now every time I have to speen a couple of hours to figure out how to undo the default 15% reduction. I don’t even understand why they do it! And it gives me a headache everytime. Thanks for helping everyone find the hidden easter egg!

  18. Keith
    This was Posted on

    oooooooooooooooooh my goodness thank you for this. I totally missed the “graphics” tab in upper left corner and messed with this for hours trying to figure it out. Life saver thanks!!!!

  19. Brian
    This was Posted on

    I have had the same problem as Sarp Serter. Changing the scaling to 0% temporarily resolves the problem and the image fills the screen, but after a few hours, it reverts back to the previous smaller size of image. I have a Radeon HD 4500 series and a 22 inch Asus LED monitor. How can I make the scaling changes last for more than a day?

  20. jessie
    This was Posted on

    I have Catalyst version 10.11 and I USED to be able to do this. but now whenever I click configure I am taken to the Display Information area with no ability to configure any aspect of my display.

  21. Christoffer
    This was Posted on


    Ive tried this but i do not get the same options. I dont get the scaling option? I have a laptop with Radeon HD something. Is it because of the graphicscard or what?


  22. waijun
    This was Posted on

    Thanks for this tutorial! it works!
    I’ve changed the scaling option to 0%, but still have some tiny black bars at the side of the screen!
    is about 0.3mm…
    So is there any methods that can fully fill the screen?

  23. Doug
    This was Posted on

    Why on earth do they revert this setting when you update the driver!!!

    Why on earth do they hide this setting????

    Why on earth do they underscale by default??? (realize there might be a good reason that has something to do with TV’s or whatever)

  24. some
    This was Posted on

    Jessie, I have the same problem where selecting “configure” takes me to the information page. This happens on version 10.10 for me; v10.12, 11.1, and 11.2 are even worse, they only have one option under the graphics menu, called “Displays options” where I can’t do anything really.

    Customer support is having lots of trouble with this, I’ve spent 3 days pulling my hair out

    Anyone have a solution?

  25. bogen the hagen
    This was Posted on

    Dude, you are a life saver- this thing was pissing me off somethin’ fierce!

  26. Abhishek
    This was Posted on

    After 5 hours on updating drivers to get ccc working and all, I find this page and it solves it all.
    Thanks a ton !

  27. Joe
    This was Posted on

    Thank you so much for this. What took you an hour took me 1 minute because of this post. Awesome.

  28. Jack
    This was Posted on

    that’s is one of the reasons why I will NEVER ever ever ever ever ever EVER get another Radeon video card ever again.

    nVidia all the way!!!!

    1. kmeleon22
      This was Posted on

      That’s funny if you want a lot of options, use ATI. If you want no complications with limited options, use Nvidia. Nvidia is playing safe with only options they think will work on all products.
      ATI= for Advanced or Experts only.
      Nvidia= for For Beginners only.

      And thanks for info Joe. Remeber people to disable scaling from tv set too and ClearType in windows 7 (i don’t don’t know about vista’s clear type option). I got wrong picture with scaling on my laptop + my Philips TV and clear type option on.

  29. Tim Quilty
    This was Posted on

    Let me add my thanks to all that above. And my condemnation over the design of that interface. W.T.F.
    I saw other posts of how to fix it, but without your handy pictures I would never have figured it out.

  30. BJ
    This was Posted on

    when I go to desktop and display I see 1 monitor with a “1” but no monitors under please select display. I also have a dual monitor setup yet I do not see the second monitor next to the “1” monitor.

  31. Pratik
    This was Posted on

    thanks a ton.
    got a new LG E2360V, connected it to my dell studio 15 and have been tinkering with software and hardware for the last 2 days. finally found your site.

    thanks again!

  32. Matt
    This was Posted on

    THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!!!!! I was banging my head against the wall with this one until I found your post.

  33. Mats Svensson
    This was Posted on

    Good post.

    Imagine even coming up with the idea of setting some random underscan as a default, and then hiding away the setting to fix it.
    (Or leaving it out entirely for some cards)

    Those idiots keep dropping their pants and squirting out thesa ridiculose drivers and UIs.

    There must be some kind of low IQ requirement to be hired as a programmer at ATI.

  34. Russell Williams
    This was Posted on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I never would have found this on my own!!!

  35. missingxtension
    This was Posted on

    New catalyst control center crashes, do hopefully there is a third party application for this!!

  36. hkn
    This was Posted on

    This worked like a charm, except for bc2

    when i play bad company 2, it scales down the image and alt tab + rescale doesn’t work. i disabled GPU scaling and all, i am losing it! i bought this monitor to play bc2 on a bigger screen grrr RAGE!

    help please

  37. Manster
    This was Posted on

    Thanx man!! I just got my 2nd new Alienware…my first one totally crapped out after only 3 months…and i had Forgotten how to do it!! PERFECT and SIMPLE!!

  38. Louis
    This was Posted on

    I couldn’t find version 9.9 so I downloaded version 11.6. As you can expect it is somewhat different.
    But the setting is still under scaling options plus I had to set the underscan/overscan value to about 8% as the 0% made the screen TOO BIG and I lost about 30% of the display, all the gadgets were off the screen.
    But it eventually worked…. :)

  39. Louis
    This was Posted on

    It is about a 200Mb application and I wondered if I can uninstall the program once I have set the scan value to what I want?

  40. Alex N
    This was Posted on

    Thank you I was pulling my hair out having just bought what I was beginning to regret. 3 monitors and an eyfinity thingumybob.
    I will now go directly to my wife and apolgize for yelling at her. lol

  41. Louis
    This was Posted on

    I tried 11.5 and the update 11.6 and they work to a fashion but they are far from perfect.

    I get a perfect display using a DVI to VGA adaptor and a VGA cable to the PC port of the TV.

    I am trying to use HDMI connection to a 32″ LCD/LED TV and am sorry to say it doesn’t work very well. It ISN’T as good as a VGA connection :(

    Also sorry I didn’t get a reply to my previous question :(

  42. Shannon
    This was Posted on

    Hi, with the Scaling options i cant select anything its locked me from it, i`m using a HD6970, not matter what i do it wont do anything , its just all fuzzy ,

    Help Urgent needed , Thank you

  43. attimag
    This was Posted on

    Hallo Aj.Just tried your trick but it is not working on my dell ST 2210 Monitor. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550v.Just made an update ,but still nothing.
    I am using a Dell Inspirion laptop with intel i5.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  44. g
    This was Posted on

    I cannot get my monitor into full screen with the latest catalyst control center that was just released, I cannot find the scaling option, any suggestions?

    This was Posted on

    Thanks a lot, just when i started hating my Graphic card and
    monitor found your post which solve my problem, Thanx again

  46. Travis
    This was Posted on

    Thank you for posting this. This was very helpful and exactly what I needed. I must ask though…why would ATI use a default setting that sucks? Doesn’t make sense to me…but whatever.
    Thanks AJ

  47. Conor
    This was Posted on

    Hi guys,

    I seem to have the same trouble as some of you are having.
    I have the AMD Vision™ Engine Control Center 11.6,
    with a AMD Radeon HD 6250 card but when I attach my LG32″ up with HDMI, I get a very clear picutre but have the black borders.

    I searched and found suggestiosn on underscan/overscan but no such options exist in this control centre version.

    What has also been suggested is a simpler “Scaling options” under My Digitial Flat panels. I don’t get this option unfortunately.

    Does anybody know if this may be a driver issue perhaps? I have the latest drivers :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    1. TPo
      This was Posted on


      Sorry for my english but i’m portuguese.

      I found the solution after many tries… and it’s so easy to do…


      1. set your screen resolution to um value lower than highest. to do this simply right click on your desktop,choose screen resolution and change resolution in resolution box.

      2.now go to ur ATI catalyst control centre.to do this,right click on desktop and the top most choice is ATI catalyst control centre.

      3. choose proprieties of integrated videos (something like that), and select the option: full screen.

      4. Click “Apply” & then “Ok”.

      5. Now change back your screen resolution to original (following same method like the first topic).

      After this, run a game that you wanted to play in fullscreen and see if it works.

      Hope it helps! This is working for me.


  48. Jerame
    This was Posted on

    THANK YOU! I had been using my TV/monitor as a monitor connected to the VGA adapter for a while, but just barely switched to the HDMI connector. To my surprise there was a significant border that was no longer being displayed. This blog post matched my issue perfectly!!!

    Thank you!


    1. Jerame
      This was Posted on

      Forgot to mention I’m running a Vizio VOJ320M (32″ LCD). Figured I’d add that info in here for the search engines to pick up in case someone else is searching for the same issue.

  49. Adaslaw
    This was Posted on

    Many thank’s for your post, AJ :)

    Yes, now my display from my media center is filling a whole my flat panel area (using HDMI cable).

    But … this is still not perfect :/

    Try to use any tool program to display monitors and panels (I used a program named “Monitor Tester 2.1″ found on softpedia site). This program can display (for example) vertical or horizontal black and white lines 1 pixel width. This program is showing that display is not perfect, because – as I understand that – display on the flat panel is NOT displayed using *native* flat panel resolution but is scaled somehow in the middle (scalled by ATi card? FullHD panel?) :(

    Mayby, to get perfect aspect ratio and perfect digital display, I should use DVI cable to connect my mMedia Center with my FullHD flat panel?

  50. Dilip
    This was Posted on

    Dear AJ

    Thanks a lot buddy. I wasted 1/2 a day updating all drivers & what not.

    I doubted my HDMI cable which I purchased for 3$ from ebay.

    Thanks again.

  51. cody
    This was Posted on

    i was haveing the same problem but the display was larger than my flatscreen so i couldn’t see the tool bar or the top of windows. i tried your solution but the scaling options were greyed out. i played with it and found a setting that allows me to add formats to the display manager. under hdtv support.

    This was Posted on


    I experienced this EXACT issue while still using my old Acer 23″ LCD in combination with my old ATI Radeon HD 4870. As mentioned above, the scaling (under- or over-scanning) option did resolve my issue 100% then.

    In the meantime I have purchased a larger Samsung 27″ LCD and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 (also went CrossFire recently), only to find the issue reappearing again. So, thinking I am already aware of the fix I changed the settings from -15% to 0%, only to find the display is now TOO BIG for my display and that it gets cut off like “Louis” was experiencing. Changing it to bwtween 4 to 8% made the picture fit in better, however I still have a couple of mm border around the edges like “waijun” was experiencing.

    Also, no matter what the scaling slider is set to, the image always stays out of focus and seems fuzzy and not crisp. I experienced this too with my old LCD and old HD 4870, however got corrected when the slider was set to 0%. Now however, NO slider setting fixes the scaling 100% correctly.

    Anyone please?!?!?!?

    This was Posted on

    I managed to resolve the issue myself! I was a combination of both the Catalyst scaling option (under-/over-scan) in conjunction with my LCD’s own settings:

    MENU > SETUP & RESET > *scroll all the way down * > PC/AV MODE > *change option* > PC (was on AV which was the issue)

    After that change on the LCD the scaling option under Catalyst fixed the rest when adjusted to 0%

  54. Juljan
    This was Posted on

    Hey AJ,

    Thanks so much for your post about the drama that is adjusting your monitor’s screen size when you plug in an HDMI cable… did save me a lot of time and grief!!

    All the best,

  55. Ozzy
    This was Posted on

    Thank you very much indeed. I had the same problem and the issue is solved, thanks to your valuable info-sharing.

  56. N13L5
    This was Posted on

    Someone linked your post for me here:

    Cause I had issues with driving LED TV’s in a store (tried a few)

    like you said, the picture was centered and not taking the full screen.

    We did use the “fix” you describe, however, that does not make the picture a 1:1 pixel match. Cause its a slider, you either end up over-scanning a tiny bit or under-scanning a tiny bit. we made it to within 2-3 pixels on each side, which is ALMOST taking up the full screen, its not even visible that its ever so slightly NOT the full screen.

    But this is a serious problem, because for a sharp picture, you need exact 1:1 pixels used to avoid the TV from recalculating your input.

    Example: if you’re displaying 1920×1080 pixels on your 1920×1080 LCD screen, but you’re not using every pixel, being off by a single pixel, like using 1918×1078, or over-scanning to 1922×1082, the TV is going to re-calculate your image, with the result, that any text displayed looks like dog food, cause computer fonts need to be pixel-accurate to work.

    I realize that your method works sort of ok for games and movies, but its no solution to use, an LED TV as your full time computer monitor…

  57. Dave
    This was Posted on

    Thank you for this info it helped me out I was going insane trying to find the adjustment. Your blog really helped. :-)

  58. Kim
    This was Posted on

    Mr. AJ Clarke,

    You sir…are the man! I was tinkering around with CCC for the longest time and google’d the issue to no avail. Thankfully I happened upon your article. For the longest time I just believed that my video card was at fault. Thanks a million!!

  59. cga
    This was Posted on

    I got this week a new XPS 8300 and a Samsung SA350 monitor.
    AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series. Windows 7 64 bit

    Thanks so much for the guide for scaling options in the ATI Catalyst Control Center

    I had the black bars on the top and on the side of the monitor using a HDMI cable

    I adjusted the scaling options (Digital Flat-Panel) to 0 within my ATI Catalyst center and I can get full screen with the HDMI cable.


  60. ISA
    This was Posted on

    yeah that sounds awesome and all, but what if your pc recognizes the led tv (like wise tv the pc) and it shows up no signal?
    tried changing all the solutions, modes (clone, extend, merge)

    tv lg 42le8500 (led)
    grafic sapphire ati radeon hd 5450

    there conected via hdmi/hdmi

  61. Javier
    This was Posted on

    thanks a lot. The new version of catalyst control center is not exactly the same as it appears in your post, but I managed to find the option “overscan”. I have just bought a samsung 22″ led monitor, and I have spent the whole day playing whit the menus trying to fit the screen area when using the HDMI cable.

  62. Ali Babourian
    This was Posted on

    Thanks a lot man. I was going to buy a nvidia card. but i love my 6950. but finally i found your page. really helped. You rescued my eyes from this analog display. NICE.

  63. Fem
    This was Posted on

    After three hours, scrubbing ATI site, rewiring my entire home theatre system and messing with settings i should have no business with, i found your site! UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!! I design industrial UI’s (HMI) and this one takes the worst spot on the list….
    Many thanks.

  64. Chris
    This was Posted on

    Using a Radeon HD4300 card and a LG E2350V display, the fix works ok but…
    How can this fix be made permanent?
    The Scaling reverts to its default value after a while whenever the central unit goes to suspend or whatever change is made in the resolution by an application

    Anyone Help please !

  65. collenzo
    This was Posted on

    i’v been trying to connect my laptop with the LG LCD screen using HDMI cable. still nothing comes up.. i even went to the remote options HDMI options to PC

  66. craig
    This was Posted on

    Wow after about 1 year of having this card and having to use dvi to not suffer its great to finally find out there is a simple solution great stuff :)

  67. Travis
    This was Posted on

    I had fixed the scaling with a previous version of ATI CCC. But even though I knew what I was looking for I could not find the scaling options anywhere – what a terrible UI they designed.

  68. Brandon
    This was Posted on

    I wasn’t sure how to change it. The windows screen res area didnt’ allow me to go larger. Thanks a bunch! worked perfectly!

  69. Bobbi
    This was Posted on

    This may have been already answered but I missed it, can you help me do the same on my tv? The screen went to a traditional view when I switched to a HDMI cable.


  70. fobos
    This was Posted on

    Hey AJ,

    Thanks a lot for your tip on the overscaling.

    I’m a fresh owner of a new LED 3D and I didn’t know how to fix my resolution. Thanks to you, I did it in 2min.


  71. Pottsy
    This was Posted on

    Champion. I’d been looking for this option for a while. What a ridiculous place to have the over-scaling settings, no wonder so many people are having difficulty trying to find how to fix it, because the option isn’t in plain view.

    Also AJ your point 3. Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right
    is actually in the top left.

    Thanks for your post.

  72. Lynn
    This was Posted on

    Thanks a mil!! Your instructions are complete, clear and easy to follow. I very much appreciate your posting this fix.

    Thanks again.

  73. nick
    This was Posted on

    I had a hitachi tv, just bought; image exceed screen; i took tv back, bought a vizio.
    THEN I found this thread (as vizio did same thing), and today I’ll experiment with fixing it

    for an ACCURATE change to the over/underscan, is there a REGISTRY setting that controls this?
    I did look into the registry, (HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/control/video….)
    and the ati settings reside there, per monitor (can’t make out which is which)

    BUT, there is one setting that is an “tvEnableOverscan (something like this) which seems to want a “0” or “1” value.

    would this fix the problem, or is ther an exact setting that determines amount of overscan?


  74. Mukesh
    This was Posted on

    My Catalyst control is not working in my Windows 7, i reinstaled it several times and no use. Can you please sugest one reason.AMD Radeon HD 6700 series is using and recent software is instaled too..

  75. john
    This was Posted on

    im 12 i got my hd5570 as a Christmas present for my and had this problem but some of the games still have black bars eventhough my desktop has no bars

  76. Bill
    This was Posted on

    Just added HDMI cable to replace the DVI connection and experienced the same truncated screen size. Then updated my ATI video driver and in the latest Catalyst Control Center, typed in the word “overscan” in the search box, which then provided a link to the scaling box in Catalyst Control Center. I then was able to follow the directions provided by this web page and to scale my monitor area accordingly to where the display now fills up the entire monitor area.

  77. Sarah
    This was Posted on

    It doesn’t seem to work for me. I went through the screenshots and everything looks the same except the scaling options section; everything is grayed out, but it is on 0%. I still have the black space around my screen.

    My monitor is attached to my laptop via a HDMI cable and setup as an extended screen. Don’t know if that has something to do with it.

  78. Wendy
    This was Posted on

    I have a 24″ ASUS monitor. I bought a new laptop and also an HDMI cable so I could connect the laptop to the larger monitor. The HDMI is not showing on screen when I plug in the HDMI cable. Also when I press the toggle button and F8 the monitor does not change on either my 24″ or laptop. All connections are in properly because I checked it. Also, I don’t have the CCC option when I right click on my desktop. What am I doing wrong? Did I buy the wrong HDMI cable? Can you please advise?

  79. Rixard
    This was Posted on

    DAMMMM you r the best

    Wasted 2 hours looking for this

    They should hire you in lg because you do better job than just editing the useless website that does not provide any information


  80. Kyle
    This was Posted on

    this “fix” worked but its not precise, i still have very slim black bars on the side and top of my screen, barely noticable but i know to a lot of us a small flaw like that will drive us insane!! so my question is, is there a way to adjust it the rest of the way to perfection? i hope sooo :(

  81. JT...
    This was Posted on

    Looks like you’ve gotten all the thanks you can handle…
    Well here’s one more for you.
    Thanks mate. My TV’s thin bezle now looks beautiful once again.
    Cheers :)

  82. Danielle
    This was Posted on

    Thank You So Much!!!! After 2 days of screwing around with display drivers etc. I can’t believe it was this simple!!! Thanxs again

  83. Gab
    This was Posted on

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4570 video card in my Sony notebook with Catalyst Control Center 11.10.25. My Panasonic TV has a black frame (border) via HDMI connection. :-( Unfortunately, I can not find the solution in the configuration option, in CCC 11.10.
    (On TV overscan option is ON.)
    If someone could help would be very good.
    Thanks in advance!
    (My Sony Vaio specification is here: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/vn-fw-series/vgn-fw51jf-h )

  84. Gab
    This was Posted on

    I made it! There’s no black frame on the TV via HDMI.
    CCC is uninstalled, the rest of it by Driver Sweeper, then I installed the old 2009 ATI Catalyst Control Center 8.6.

  85. A.J
    This was Posted on

    Thank you very much. 😀 I was looking for a fix to this, but could not find it until I saw this blog.

    P.S: My name is A.J too, lol.

  86. migi
    This was Posted on

    I used my AMD Vision Engine Control Center (latest 11.12 version) with my Radeon HD4200 embedded ATI GPU and my Philips 32″ Led Monitor/TV to have FULL panel image … so I put UNDERSCAN to 0% and everything went OK.
    But surprisingly after Screen Saver “session” the screen became smaller again and I found that VECC took Underscan to 15% by itself …
    How can this be fixed ??
    Anyone can help me ??


    1. Paul
      This was Posted on

      I have the same problem. I plug my laptop into the LCD Tv and everytime i unplug/plug the overscan resets itself.

      Anyone ?

  87. Lucian
    This was Posted on

    am o mica problema…am facut ca in poza si am rezolvat problema cu chenarul negru de la desktop dar cand intru in anumite jocuri imi apare chenarul negru la joc…am pus toate rezolutiile la jocul r espectiv dar fara nici un rezultat…tre sa fac anumite setari in plus, stie careva?

    1. Lucian
      This was Posted on

      sory…i forgot to write in english. I have a little problem … I made ​​the picture and I solved the problem with black box from the desktop but when I get into some games black box appears in the game … I put all the game respectiv resolutions but no results…ani1 know if i must do some changes?

  88. Martin
    This was Posted on

    Thanks but no thanks. This seems to work with movies, and some apps, but lot’s of games stil undo this overscan and sleep mode seems to undo it too. I was thinking if there was a way to force this overscan to stay maybe make it have a higher priority over other apps settings or somthing.

  89. kilo11
    This was Posted on

    I have a question my scale options are configured as you show in this post but i have a similar problem whit some games i set up the game to 1920×1080 but i can’t play at fullscreen i see a black border around the game…can you help me???

  90. Rigoberto
    This was Posted on

    I need your help, i have an ATI sapphre 5450 hooked on to an LG HD32″ via HDMI and I can not find a way to activate Video overlay in Theater mode, I can not find this option anywhere in Catalyst Control. I’m using ATi drivers version 8.88 (I think)running on Windows 7 32 bit with a core duo2 processor if you could pm me to my email that woud be perfect
    Thank you

  91. Jonathan East
    This was Posted on

    Thanks and Thanks! I felt like I had changed every setting… the Advanced settings are actually hard to navigate (not to understand though, don’t get me wrong) – I couldn’t find anything useful there the first time I tried to use the catalyst. Anyway, thanks for saving me some trouble.

  92. Andy J
    This was Posted on

    Just followed these instructions with a my old vista PC and new GPU with HDMI. Thanks, you are a star.

    all the best.

  93. Ameic
    This was Posted on


    all i needed to do on my samsung was change the TV’s picture settings from 16:9 to fit to screen and it worked.. why the HD2400 doesnt output natively in 1920×1080 (when windows says the resolution is 1920×1080) is beyond me but at least i have full screen now!!!

    This was Posted on

    A few days ago I requested help about my Video card (ATI HD5450), I know this is a low end card, but it was the best I could get a hand on. basically I can not find a way to configure catalyst to enable Overlay in Theater Mode, (I just can not fnd anywhere in Catalyst where I can configure this), and I wonder wheather this has to do with my card,(I have installed several versions of catalyst, and they atre all the same, at the moment I have the latest, and no changes).Would appreciate any comments

  95. Kevin
    This was Posted on

    I’d already wasted about 90 minutes trying to solve this problem after upgrading from WinXP to Windows 7 (which required me to install new catalyst drivers). I’d been making a brute force pass through every conceivable option and tracking my progress with pen and paper. After 90 minutes I thought I’d passed through the entire user interface. Wow. Usability nightmare.

    Much praise to you for finding this and publishing it.

  96. david
    This was Posted on

    wow,thanx alot dude!spent 2 hrs of trying to set my new samsung350hd monitor,was about to break the screen!!a simple small thing like that hidden away,damn ati catalyst!

  97. ChristopherG
    This was Posted on

    This is my problem when i try to detect displays it will not show that little sceen that is shown in the pictures above were it seas please select a display. What happen was i was trying to hook up dool monitors and i said f*** it i want one monitor and when i hooked everything back up it was gone.

  98. Absolut
    This was Posted on

    Hi guys!! I’ve a Samsung SyncMaster P2270HD 23” on a Ati Radeon 5850. I just can’t set a HDTV mode in the Desktop Management Menu, in Desktop Properties. When I set 1080p for example, the desktop colors become darker even though the monitor supports 1080p. Any suggest?


  99. Preest
    This was Posted on

    Oh AJ, you just saved what little sanity I have left!

    Finally, a full size picture on my trusty 27″ Ilyama e2710 HDS, via Hdmi on a 1gb 5850, and with the fuzzy clarity resolved. Next step, with bated breath – fitted a Dell u2412 IPS VIA dvi, in vertical mode, as a dual display setup – all perfect.

    Thankyou so much!

  100. Rene
    This was Posted on

    LOL, the same issue is now with windows 8. Though it is a bit more complicated as the CCC does not work. :-(

  101. hutbay
    This was Posted on

    Having the same problem with windows 8…post here if anyone figures out how to do it on win8 preview

  102. David Hennigan
    This was Posted on

    Hi AJ

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed piece on the subject of Full Screen with HDMI Cable.
    Your instructions were precise and produced a successful outcome for me.

  103. Hanadi
    This was Posted on

    Thanx!!! It worked just fine with me. I have an updated version for Catalyst Control so it took me some time to find the scaling option.
    But thanks, it worked =D

  104. Dennis Franssen
    This was Posted on

    The output quality of the ati card in the E350 is for dogs and pigs not for human beeings what a horse sh#t.
    Upscaling does not disable screens dsp to scale and sharpness is g0ne.
    Try reading some text that is not even possible.
    Up till now I always had Nvidia cards connected with my lg tv and all was always perfect. Now it is SHIT!

  105. Martin Dutton
    This was Posted on


    Thank you so much… just got a new 27 Samsung for my gaming rig and this has been bugging the piss out of me. Looked in the set-up guide and it showed HDMI-HDMI for AV and HDMI-DVI for PC, so went out and bought one and the same issue – black border!

    Overlooked this setting first time, could have saved myself £12. Oh well.


  106. The Pork
    This was Posted on

    Hey mate, great instructions and whatnot, but what should I do if the CCC doesn’t detect my monitor and nothing shows up? I’m using a Dell ST2410 and an ATI Radeon HD 5700 series gpu.

  107. Cory
    This was Posted on

    Hey this worked out great, my toolbar was messed up, but only problem is that writing seems too be so small that i can hardly read, im on a 32″ 1080p
    Thanks Again

  108. David
    This was Posted on

    To Reece and anyone else with a grayed out slider:

    Go to My Digital Flat-Panel>HDTV Support (Digital Flat-Panel) there you will see a list of display formats like: “Add 720p60 format to the display manager”

    YOU MUST check the correct line that matches your display settings in:
    Desktop Management>Desktop Properties.

    For example, my LCD flat tv screen is set to 720p @ 50Hz refresh rate for best picture quality, so I had to select 720p50 as explained above, and only then the previous grayed out slider became functional.

    Good luck to you all.

  109. uprightkangaroo
    This was Posted on

    Thanks dude! This solved my overscan problem! Weird place to hide the option imho, so thanks again its really appreciated!

  110. Philip
    This was Posted on

    Thank you, AJ. You posted such a helpful information!
    I have an laptop window 7 with the problem that cannot have full screen on TV. Although something is slight different than the steps you wrote, but I still followed and fixed the problem. It saved me USD$140 because the technical support needed to charge the price as a tutorial program even though my laptop is still under warranty.

  111. Joe G
    This was Posted on

    Thank you, Jason, for your post on December 15, 2011 at 12:09 am – it fixed my problem! I don’t know what version of CCC I am running, but I’ve installed an HD 6450 (GV-R6450C-1GI) and the settings I needed were in “My Digital Flat Panels” in the “Scaling Options” just like you said. Joe G

  112. Eric
    This was Posted on

    Hola tenia el mismo problema pero ya esta solucionado, ahora cuando entro a jugar los juegos siguen saliendo con un marco negro no en pantalla completa, y en las opciones del juego esta marcada la casilla full scream.

  113. stan darsh
    This was Posted on

    thanks to the OP and the updates of comments – damned shame the actual companies never show this sort of tech support — cheers all

  114. Simon
    This was Posted on

    got a new HDMI cable and everything was working until today. i noticed 1080p starting to show up. but i dont really understand what you guys are talking about when you say graphics cards etc. i have windows 7. will someone please help

  115. tom
    This was Posted on

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much for posting! I was using a HP 2711x with my Dell XPS and it just was not going full screen until I found your tutorial.

  116. lgench
    This was Posted on

    Just bought a Hannspree ST259MUB to use as a monitor and looked many places to correct underscanning using HDMI. Of course, checked with Hannspree and ATI. No luck. You’re excellent article here took care of it. Thanx!

  117. Maximus
    This was Posted on

    Thank you very much, I have been searching for hours. Well presented tutiorial too.


  118. dysfunkional
    This was Posted on

    Thanks heaps!! Had spent about 4 hours messing around trying to work out how to fix my blurriness / not full screen issue. Really nice tutorial.

  119. abhinav
    This was Posted on

    all of the people with the new version of catalyst.should go to the “my vga displays”and select “image adjustments” and click the “defualt” at the bottom left of the window

  120. AHMED OS
    This was Posted on

    Hey guys i got problem i wish that you can help me please..
    i got Sony LCD 40 and my HDMI cable was working very well but today it started to show me unsupported signal please check you r devices output and i am searching through the internet for 5 hours and i cant solve these problem i wish that you can help me.. thanks.

  121. Frank
    This was Posted on

    Worked a great. Messed around trying other things. This resolved the issue in under 30 seconds

  122. ิิBANDHIT T.
    This was Posted on

    Yesterday I have just bought the Samsung Syncmaster S22B370, the 21.5 inches monitor with HDMI cable link to PC.

    After brought back home and connect to my daughter’s PC and turn it on, the picture appeared like it used to appear on the 20 inches monitor. I have tried a lot to make it full screen, but can not, due to the Window 7 command which is confusing.

    Then I have googled to find this blog I then followed your instruction above immediately, and it was really fix the problem without distorted text or photo, but instead, it has made text more shape and sharp, photos were more beautiful.

    Thank you very much for having this topic to be finded in google, I have also shared this topic among Thai geek this morning.

    Thank you again.

    Bandhit T.

  123. Dee
    This was Posted on

    I’ve scaled my display, and everything was working fine until the newer Catalyst installed. Now every time I start up my screen has black around it, then after windows is loaded in, the screen fills the space. Anyone have an idea how to fix it?

  124. warlock
    This was Posted on

    I worked this out for my self, But searching for the reason why this happens is my interest. And also how I found this blog, I am not alone lol… Anyone understand the reasoning for the HDMI underscan ? thx

  125. ehsan
    This was Posted on


  126. Josh
    This was Posted on

    Thanks for the post, it was a great help. Just hooked up a second monitor and had exactly this issue.

  127. iadorespike - Anna
    This was Posted on

    Oh my! This is EXACTLY the information I’ve spent hours looking for in a concise and easy to use and apply format. Thank you so much for making this post available. You saved my sanity!

  128. Gustavo Fernandes
    This was Posted on

    Really apreciate your post, dude. Dont know why the h*** they put that default configuration!

  129. Ugur
    This was Posted on

    Thank you man. it works like a charm, i was about to give the card back where i just bought..

  130. Wilson
    This was Posted on

    This guide partially solve the issue. Yes, now i got the full screen HDMI but the screen is still blur even though the resolution is the highest 1920×1080.

  131. Sam
    This was Posted on

    Hey nice post man… I took a new HDMI cable and would have been pissed if my monitor was stuck to the small scale… :-)

  132. Malcolm Young
    This was Posted on

    Many Thanks,
    My AOC HDMI monitor arrived yesterday and I had this problem.
    I’m a 70+ using Ubuntu on a home built AMD-APU A4.
    Resorting to VGA would have been a disappointment. I struggled a bit but would have failed without this help.
    The dialog boxes were very different but scaling to 0% worked the magic.
    Well done thanks again.

  133. Andreas
    This was Posted on


    Well this is just so dumb i dont even know what to say, but i got it to work after reading this too, many thanks for posting it and also updating to new ccc versions!

  134. Rob
    This was Posted on

    Damnit, you rock. It works like a charm now, you proably saved a few hours of my life.

  135. Pim
    This was Posted on

    I am the 1st one in 2013, and this post still rocks!! Thanks a lot, you’re awesome!

  136. biplob
    This was Posted on

    thank you so much! why the hell they made it so complicated.. almost ruined my new buy. thanks again..

  137. Hyro
    This was Posted on

    Hooked my AOC monitor with the HDMI cable & as expected got the Black Borders. Googled & it brought me to your blog. Thanx for helping out 100s to solve this issue

  138. Jamie
    This was Posted on

    Thanks for this, I was wondering do you know why maybe the catalyst center cant detect my monitor?

    I am connection via HDMI running Windows 7.


  139. Steve K
    This was Posted on

    When I first started using the screens there was “overscan” – the edges of the picture did not quite fit. . On the media PC it was mildly irritating and I tried fixing it with the “underscan” setting in the system preferences.

    This was far from ideal since it lost some of the crispiness. In the end I just accepted that I could not see the status bar on that computer if using that screen .But with the new office screens that was not acceptable. This weekend I invested a bit of time in the monitors’ options and found the answer: by default they all are programmed to “zoom” slightly. Not sure why that’s the case but it is possible to tell them to just display what they are getting on their HDMI imputs pixel-for-pixel. I must have navigated around the menus several times before stumbling across the necessary setting, confusingly masked by a picture size/aspect ratio setting of 16:9. Apparently in screen manufacturer land, 16:9 actually means “chop off the edges”. Who knew!

    Anyway, on the LG you press menu then go into “Picture” then “Aspect ratio” and change from “16:9″ to “Just scan”. On the Samsungs it was Menu -> Picture -> Screen adjustment -> Picture Size, then change from “16:9″ to “Screen Fit”.

    Now I can have a reliable connection between my laptop and my LG TV connected via HDMI without having to play with catalyst settings and drivers.

    Good luck guys.

  140. Val
    This was Posted on

    Like everyone else I want to thank you very much for solving this problem – I feel like a pro now but really you did everything! :O)))

  141. Invivum
    This was Posted on

    OH! What a relief after 2 hours searching proper drivers.
    More than 2 years after your original post ATI did not corrected the default underscan value! Shame!

    Anyway THANKS! Add a paypal donation button in here!

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